Weekly briefing 30th October 2020

Professor Christina Pagel presented the numbers from this week showing that COVID has escalated in England and Wales over the previous week whereas there are signs of plateauing and reduction in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Prof Deenan Pillay discussed the need for reformed Test and Trace. We also had Prof Paul Gringas as a special guest, answering questions on how to help children with special needs through this pandemic.

Watch the briefing here .

Look at the presented slides here .

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Weekly briefing 23rd October 2020

Professor Christina Pagel presented the latest numbers about the COVID-19 situation in the UK. This week we also look closely at Manchester, Nottingham and Liverpool, discuss schools in some detail and show how a 2 week circuit breaker would work. Professor Costello then presented our blueprint plan for how to rebuild a function Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support system.

Click into the article to find links to slides, the blueprint plan and the full YouTube briefing.

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Blueprint for rebuilding Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support

To accompany our 6-week emergency plan for reversing the growth of COVID-19 in England, we have developed a detailed blueprint for how to reform the test and trace system. This involves restructuring testing systems, devolving contact tracing within local regions and instutiting wrap-around support for isolation. We believe this can be done within 6 weeks.

Read the full blueprint here .

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Independent SAGE Emergency Statement on Universities in the Context of Rising SARS-CoV-2 Cases in Late September 2020

Since Indepent Sage’s initial consultation on University reopening at the end of August, the situation has changed significantly. Cases are rising rapidly, particularly in young adults, and there are reports of rapidly deteriorating situations on some university campuses as universities attempt to manage the multiple crises of transmission, infections, and student welfare.

In light of this we have updated our recommendations. Read the full statement and recommendations here .

This statement represents the considered view of Independent SAGE. We welcome additional evidence and views that might enable us to improve upon it.

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