The Independent SAGE have combined data from the government’s daily figures1, the Office of National Statistics, Public Health England and the government’s report on NHS Test and Trace.

The report can be viewed here.

The overview of this report is that:

  • We don’t know if declines in positive confirmed cases are because fewer people are getting tested or fewer people having COVID19, or combination of both.
  • ONS continues to report that steady decline in new infections has stopped.
  • None of the nations mention contact tracing as a key part of COVID response and only Scotland encourages testing.
  • NHS Test and Trace is not reaching enough newly symptomatic people with COVID19.
  • Fewer than half of contacts reached within 3 days of a person being tested (from what data is available).
  • Crucial data on how many contacts are actually isolating or go on to develop symptoms is not there.
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