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Christina pagel writes in the guardian about the grim truth unfolding in britain’s hospitals

‘This is an account of what it truly means for a hospital to be “overwhelmed”. Much of this is happening already, but we have not yet seen the worst.’ Professor Christina Pagel writes in the The Guardian about the difficult choices doctors and nurses will face in the coming weeks as hospital capacity is stretched to the limit. Read full article here

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Susan michie on Good morning britain discussing how government policies are creating super-spreader events

‘On the one hand we’re being told this is an emergency, and that is what it is, and on the other we’ve got a ‘lockdown lite’ compared to March.’ Professor Susan Michie was a guest on Good Morning Britain where she discussed mixed messaging from the government and the need to address ‘huge amounts of contact between people’. Watch a clip here

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christina pagel on sky news discussing lockdown compliance and mass testing

‘Compliance hasn’t gone down. You can’t blame people’s behaviour. The rules are a lot laxer this lockdown compared to March.’ Professor Christina Pagel was a guest on Sky News. She explains why this lockdown may not be as effective as the first one and why mass testing won’t be effective without support for self-isolation. Watch a clip here

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DR Zubaida Haque interviewed on BBC newsnight about the need to support people to self-isolate

“The way we stop transmission is to get people self-isolated… people in deprived areas and low-paid jobs, Black and Ethnic Minority people, have been less likely to be able to afford to self-isolate.” Dr Zubaida Haque tells Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight that people have had to make difficult choices between going to unsafe jobs and putting food on the table. Watch a clip here

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