Category: Inequalities and Ethnic Minorities

DR Zubaida Haque interviewed on BBC newsnight about the need to support people to self-isolate

“The way we stop transmission is to get people self-isolated… people in deprived areas and low-paid jobs, Black and Ethnic Minority people, have been less likely to be able to afford to self-isolate.” Dr Zubaida Haque tells Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight that people have had to make difficult choices between going to unsafe jobs and putting food on the table. Watch a clip here

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Dr tolullah ONi answers questions on vaccines from readers of the voice

‘My concern with the vaccine is that the very people who have a right to be concerned about safety for historical and contemporary, systemic, discriminatory reasons, are the same groups of people who are at greater risk of exposure and death from the disease.’ Dr Tolullah Oni answers questions on the vaccine from readers of The Voice.

Watch the full Q&A here

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