Resources for searching the large repository of Government SAGE reports

The Government SAGE committee and its sub committees have produced hundreds of reports and minutes of meetings over the past year. While these are accessible from the government website, it is very hard to find documents relating to certain topics. We have produced a downloadable spreadsheet that indexes reports since July 2020. Please visit this page to find out more and download the spreadsheet.

Resources for local information about the Covid-19 situation.

Professor Karl Friston has prepared a short guide for parents and schools about measures that schools can take depending on the local level of infections their area.

We have also collated some useful websites for information about COVID-19, particularly local level information.

Overall government data on new tests, cases, hospital admissions and deaths in the UK and also additional data on England:

Scotland publishes Scottish COVID-19 data here:

Wales publishes its COVID-19 data here:

Northern Ireland publishes its COVID-19 data here:

Incidence of new infections by local authorities and NHS Trusts in:

England: (incidence of infections as estimated from reported cases and deaths in local authorities served by NHS Trusts. This can be used in conjunction with the infographic in our schools report

Official numbers of reported cases by local area in

England (incidence of reported cases). The weekly Public Health England report is also a useful summary of local information. It is published every friday here.

This volunteer-run website (Covid Messenger) is very good for quickly assessing rates in your local authority and whether they are going up or down. It is updated daily using Government figures.

Scotland local data

Wales local data (Note – you can choose time period at the top right – e.g. last day, last week, last month…)

Northern Ireland local data