The Government SAGE committee and its sub committees have produced hundreds of reports and minutes of meetings over the past year. While these are accessible from the government website, it is very hard to find documents relating to certain topics.

Thanks to amazing work of Catherine Finnecy, we have produced an Excel spreadsheet indexing 325 SAGE documents published from July 2020 to April 2021. We are hoping (depending on Catherine’s availability and goodwill!) to add in documents before July 2020 and also new documents as they are published.

Each row of the worksheet “SAGE Meeting documents” relates to a SAGE report and contains the link to that report. Use the filter function in Excel to find reports relating to the different topics given in columns I to BH. An alphabetical list of all topics is provided in the “Information” worksheet.

The spreadsheet is not editable but it is filterable and links to SAGE documents and cells can be copied.

If you find this spreadsheet useful, please do acknowledge Catherine’s work in any outputs. If in general you find the work of Independent SAGE valuable and feel able to, we would be very grateful for a donation to our GoFundMe site that supports the considerable back office work for Independent SAGE. All of the scientists in Independent SAGE contribute their time to Independent SAGE for free.

Download a copy of the spreadsheet.