Why do we need Covid Safety Codes of Practice?

Everyone in society can play a role in minimising Covid infection rates while permitting individuals
and society to function effectively. National Governments play a pivotal role in this, both in terms of
exercising their own responsibilities and in supporting others to exercise theirs. The aim of this
document is to outline what others can do: local government; employers; owners of pubs,
restaurants, sports facilities and other public facing businesses; and individual members of the
The Covid Safety Codes of Practice that we set out in this document are designed to provide a simple
and clear outline of what each of these groups can do. This is a consultation, designed to initiate
dialogue with the relevant agencies following which we aim to develop a version to support those
agencies in creating more detailed versions that can be updated as required.
The Codes draw on three sources: (a) existing evidence and guidelines; (b) respiratory infection
control measures set out by the World Health Organization; and c) ‘APEASE’ criteria for behavioural
interventions (Acceptability, Practicability, Effectiveness, Affordability, Spill-over effects, Equity).

Read the full consultation here: