Help us keep Independent SAGE running

With extra funding we can keep going for longer, bringing the nation support and scientific advice for as long as this pandemic affects us.

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It’s 3 years on, and Covid-19 continues to affect our lives – our health, our work, our education and our home life in the UK and around the world.  Up to 10,000 people continue to watch Independent SAGE sessions each week, and we receive many messages following our sessions asking us to continue our work.  

There remains a demand for open scientific advice and an interest in engaging with science and its implications for policy and practice from the UK public. We are one of the few sources of regular, detailed analysis of what is happening with respect to Covid-19, its impact on the NHS, employment and people’s health underpinned by the latest research. Independent SAGE are continuing, because the pandemic is continuing. 

Since the first meeting on May 4 2020, Independent SAGE has produced more than 50 reports and statements, hosted multiple public engagement events and answered questions relating to the pandemic, from the public, journalists and broadcasters across a whole range of topics. We have held more than 140 public briefings, hosting independent experts and answering questions directly from the public.

All the scientists give their time for free, including the Friday briefing sessions and report writing to prepare and discuss issues as they arise. ‘Citizens’ as a key partner has done a wonderful job of supporting us with the broadcasts and publicising our work.  

Up till now we have done weekly briefings, but we will now need to move to fortnightly. We don’t want to leave you in the lurch and promise each fortnight to bring you a great session, we just need to reduce the schedule a little as many of us have to also focus on our other academic research commitments. 

We need some funds to pay for the live streams, website maintenance and twitter accounts and current funds from donations including from our previous crowdfunding drive are running out.

We are now launching a fresh appeal. We know that money is tight for many right now, but if you feel able and if you would like Independent SAGE to continue this year, please consider donating and sending this appeal to others who value our work.

To access the crowdfunder, click here.