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Independent SAGE is a group of scientists who are working together to provide independent scientific advice to the UK government and public.

What is this crowfunder for?

More than 2 years on, Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc with people’s lives – work, education and home life in the UK and around the world.  Around 20,000 people continue to watch Independent SAGE sessions each week, and we receive many messages following our sessions asking us to continue our good work.  Although we anticipated finishing our weekly broadcasts last year, there remains a demand to fill the gap in providing scientific advice to the public in the UK, and the public’s evident interest in engaging with science and its implications for policy and practice.  Independent SAGE are continuing, because the pandemic is continuing. 

Since the first meeting on May 4 2020, Independent SAGE has produced more than 40 reports, hosted multiple public engagement events and answered questions relating to the science, from the public,  journalists and broadcasters across a whole range of topics.

All the  scientists give their time for free, including the Friday briefing sessions and the prior evening meetings to prepare and discuss issues as they arise.  ‘Citizens’ as a key partner has done a wonderful job of supporting us with the broadcasts and publicising our work.  This support costs around £2000 a month and current funds from donations including a previous crowdfunding drive are coming to an end.

We are now launching a fresh appeal.  If you would like Independent SAGE to continue this year, please consider donating and send this appeal to others who value this service.