Ventilation and air filtration play a crucial role in mitigating the transmission of Covid-19. This document
introduces a communication and information scheme designed to convey technical information about
mechanical and natural ventilation, in indoor public spaces in buildings of all types, in a non-technical way.
The proposed scheme brings together two familiar visual systems to maximize accessibility and remove
language barriers: i) the international energy labelling system and ii) icons. It also builds on previous
proposed schemes. As the illustration below shows, the process involves taking the results from expert
technical room assessments and translating them into colour-coded door/room labelling (green to red)
using icons to represent the behavioural mitigations necessary to use spaces safely. Ventilation is complex,
of course, and a simple scheme will be difficult to achieve. The process below, including making decisions
about the mitigations needed following the assessment of any given space, requires consultation with
experts. Nevertheless, it is important to communicate as much information as clearly as possible. Such a
scheme would be useful not just during the current coronavirus pandemic but into the future, since good
ventilation – mechanical or natural – is vital for public health.

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