Recommendations about the use of face coverings.

The Government should

  1. Launch a comprehensive public information campaign to promote effective wearing of face coverings in enclosed public indoor spaces where distancing from others is not possible. It should
    • tailor the campaign to communities, using a range of languages and media (including non-digital media) in a culturally appropriate manner.
    • explain how face coverings can provide a benefit, what kinds of coverings to use, as well as how they should be worn, stored, and disposed of or cleaned, and why some people will not be able to wear face coverings.
  2. Promote adherence to wearing face coverings by engaging with communities, explaining and encouraging, with enforcement kept light touch as in Scotland.
  3. Ensure equity, including access to free face coverings for those who cannot afford to buy them.

The Government, employers and other relevant organisations should

  • Ensure that face coverings are used alongside, not instead of, other protective measures such as continued rigorous hand cleansing regimen, physical distancing measures, cough and sneeze etiquette, as well as improving ventilation.
  • Engage with appropriate organisations to address the needs of those with physical or mental health conditions or disabilities.

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