Independent SAGE Statement on Universities and Colleges Winter-Spring 2021 in the Context of SARS-CoV-2 and the UK Government ‘Roadmap’

Independent SAGE has consistently recommended that UK universities should keep open safely during the pandemic by moving teaching and learning online. SAGE made the same recommendation in September 2020. Independent SAGE recommends that, for most students, this continues until the end of the academic year. Online learning is not solely about reducing staff/student or student/student transmission in classrooms: it is the hub around which other mitigation and suppression strategies revolve and upon which they are dependent.

Following on from previous Universities reports, this statement covers

  1. The COVID-19 context and current Department for Education guidance.
  2. Why Independent SAGE recommends maximising online learning during the pandemic.
  3. Issues around online learning and student mental health and wellbeing.
  4. Working in collaboration with other education sectors.
  5. Looking ahead to Autumn 2021 and funding and future of universities in the UK.

UK Government ‘Roadmap’

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