Independent SAGE is returning on Friday September 8, 2023 at 13:30. 

As the Northern Hemisphere enters its fourth autumn/winter with Covid-19 and the UK Covid Inquiry enters into public hearings on UK decision making and political governance, Independent SAGE will be reflecting the learning from the past three years on six key aspects of the pandemic and pandemic response. Our final regular session will be Friday 1st December, with special guests our first two Chairs: Sir David King and Prof Deenan Pillay.

Meanwhile, we will keep you up to date with the latest Covid-19 situation as far as possible with available data, including what is happening with new variants (such as the latest concerning variant: BA.2.86 or “Pirola”). This includes regular updates on the NHS, especially after last year’s NHS crisis and the collapse of emergency care during December under the triple pressure of flu, RSV and Covid-19 in an already burned out and stressed system. We will also stll be answering your questions live, so please keep sending these in via Twitter or email:

Our autumn schedule is:


All sessions 13:30-14:30

Session title 
8th September  Going Airborne 
22nd September  Resilience 
6th October  Modelling and data 
20th October  Behaviour 
3rd November  Viruses 
17th November  Vulnerability 
1st December  Autumn series finale 

From 2024 onwards, we will move more into a responsive mode, reserving some funds to enable upkeep of our website, twitter account and runing ad-hoc online briefings if the situation changes markedly. We will continue situation updates on social media and we will also experiment with shorter video segments from Independent SAGE members on specific aspects of pandemic policy, such as vaccines, latest variants, latest research.

All of our mythbusters from this summer are available on our YouTube channel.